Make Your Kids Even Smarter With These Amazing Tips from MySchoolPage

We know parenting can be a bit overwhelming at times. But all the hardships in parenting vanishes when the kids start growing into successful and smart individuals. The academic success of every student depends on the varied learning resource and personal learning help they receive.

When kids grow up they bring a new set of responsibilities to their parents. Every parent wants to see their kids turn into responsible and successful adults. Education plays an important role in shaping their future.

Of course, there aren’t any guidelines, ‘To-Do’ lists, or Online Courses for raising happier and smarter children. But there are a few psychological findings and a handful of proven techniques that help in making the children even smarter. Predictably, most of these come into the responsibility of parents.

Here are five proven habits that help in building the success factor for your kids:


  1. Encourage them to Read Daily

Reading is an important and the most fundamental skill that makes up an individual. While growing up, children come face-to-face with a lot of offline and online learning sources. The information they perceive from these sources shapes their thinking and perception of the world around.

Parents must encourage their children to start reading every day. After school parents can help their children read a small excerpt from a book, newspaper, or any other information source. This will build their inquisitiveness to learn more and keep them encouraged throughout their lifetime.

Children, who are well-read are very aware of their surroundings and are capable of producing good academic performance. However, they will need some help from their parents in the beginning. But, once they master the art of daily reading, it will open a window of opportunities for them to learn.

  1. Make Them Practice Social Skills

We live in a social environment, and it’s really important to teach our kids how to be socially active in a safe way. They should learn to express themselves, value the feeling of others, and start solving complex problems on their own as early as possible.

A research called “Early prosocial behaviour good predictor of kids’ future” was conducted at the Pennsylvania State University and it concluded that children who developed good social skills in their childhood had great chances of turning successful in the future.

That’s why we always encourage students at MySchoolpage to be more interactive and ask questions during their online tuition classes.


  1. Teach them to Deal with Failures

Parents get very excited when their children win over something. The reality is we can’t win every time. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of each parent to make their child understand that failures are not the end of the world. Children must learn to take it easy on failures and learn from them at once.

Failing in academics or sports is normal and students must learn to over the same. This can only be taught by their parents. If a child falls back in math, science or any other subject, parents must help them learn by providing them with enough resources, like online math or science solutions for building better learning practices.

Sometimes students constantly fall short in their academics and might require professional help to succeed. Parents must clearly understand their children and hire some professional online tutoring help, rather than giving a hard time to their kids, who already feel low due to poor grades.

  1. Start on Math early

“Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement, it also predicts future reading achievement,” says Greg Duncan, a researcher at The Northwestern University in the USA. Learning about numbers and basic computations at an earlier stage will be greatly advantageous in their education.

Parents must find time to teach their kids some math skills at an earlier level. When the child is in higher grades they can obviously take personalized tutoring help from online math tutors at MySchoolPage. But it’s the responsibility of parents to teach the basic computations to their children at an earlier stage.


  1. Learn from multiple resources

Learning from one single source will narrow the students learning possibilities. Parents must encourage their children to take part in many other learning activities, like intellectual Technothlon events, learn efficiently with online tutoring help, take up online tests and quizzes for fun based learning, and more.

This will encourage the kids to start learning beyond their academics. Giving them an opportunity to learn from different academic and extra-curricular sources will help them explore their interests and plan a successful future.

Online tutors at MySchoolPage always stress the importance of personalisation to address the specific learning needs of the students. Parents must also understand that their child is unique and help them build unique learning habits to ensure their academic success.

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