3 mistakes you should avoid as a high school student

Teenage – the age when you enter high school, the age when you are a bustling rule-breaker, the age when you are a busy facebooker! It is that point of time in your life when you are actually starting to observe things and have a perspective. Childhood is gradually fading and you are developing  interest in things that never made any sense earlier.

Amidst all this hullabaloo and confusion, you are welcomed by a whole new phase, where the curriculum never seemed this difficult. Studies suddenly starts getting tougher at an unbelievable pace and you are surprised at the need for your ingenuity to keep up with them.

Basically, grades and their importance take a backseat here since your recently-developed young mind is taking its own time, exploring the beauty of the world around you. The overwhelmingness of these newfound feelings can lead you to act or behave in a certain way that adversely affects your academic life.

When high school hits, students  are always enthusiastic, ready-to-be-challenged, and filled with the zeal to make an impression on others. This leads them to take up activities or create a disposition that is attention-grabbing. However, in the course of doing so, students may not realize that the whole effort could strongly backfire, academically.

Skipping classes, misutilization of time, procrastinating homework and assignments, pointing out teacher’s mistakes, believing that school is boring, the list can go on. While these are only a few examples, there is a trio that could hurt them real bad.

We list out the 3 biggest mistakes high schoolers basically make:

1st Mistake – Over-indulging  in extracurricular activities

Students love to get involved in extracurricular activities because it gives them a break from studies. However, for high schoolers, this is an opportunity to become the center of attention in front of the entire school. Excelling in a major sport will make you a popular student and probably the favorite of many teachers. Furthermore, it would also help their career when they are applying for colleges or jobs – or that’s how they put it when you challenge them.

How it affects – With most of their focus on sports, books obviously get whatever that is left of it. This could still pan out well if the student was capable of multitasking. But that is not common either. With a challenging academic program in the pipeline and not enough focus, grades eventually suffer.

How to correct it – Firstly, we are not saying that you should not sign up for extra-curriculars at all. These activities are crucial to maintain a proper physical and mental balance. Students who are not involved in sports must understand that.

Just keep in mind that extracurricular activities should not consume more than 40 percent of the total time you are giving to academics.

How will this help you – You will be able to lead in your favorite activity as well as keep your GPA high.

2nd Mistake – Prioritizing online identity over offline reality

Flaunting online social stats is a vogue among high school goers. It’s all about who has the highest number of friends on Facebook, whose posts on Instagram hit the highest figures in terms of likes and comments, and who has the maximum number of followers on Twitter. Boy or girl, the obsession for social media is the same and it keeps hitting a new level everyday. And besides, they have a lot of unaccounted hours to kill.

How it affects – Students end up spending long hours online, chatting with friends, sometimes  with strangers (which is a whole new concern that we have talked about here) as well. This affects their performance in all aspects of their academic life and besides, there have been reports of major health problems too!

How to correct it – While it is awesome to stay connected with your friends through social media, you can also use it to connect with your teachers or other inspiring personalities. Also, limit its usage to a few minutes a day. Remember, high school is only for 4 years. There is an entire life left to get back to Facebook and Twitter later!

How will this help you – You will be an examplary student who understands technology and is not affected by the negative side of it.

3rd Mistake – Growing an attitude

Imagine you are in the middle of a Math class and your Math tutor is solving a Geometry problem. The teacher makes a mistake; instead of drawing an equilateral triangle like what was asked in the problem, the teacher has drawn a bilateral.

You spotted the error. So, what do you do?

Many will see this as one of those golden opportunities to be the one who, “shows everyone how things should be done”.

How this affects – Your action might manage a few chuckles. But you will also develop a negative attitude in the process.

How to correct it – This is the stage of life where your ego and insecurities decide how you act. If you are willing to show restraint now, you are likely to master them later.

You must realize that your instructor has years of experience and knowledge. So, what you saw as lack of ability can be a mere misinterpretation. A better way to respond in this situation will be to suggest the correction politely and respectfully.

How will this help you – You will not only gain the reputation of a good student, but will also be a star in the eyes of your teachers.

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