20 Safe and Fun Websites for Kids

Your kid’s memory is like a sponge, it absorbs everything it stumbles across! Most kids nowadays learn how to use the iPad even before they learn how to read. However, not all sites are safe for your kids. As parents, we should make sure each information they come across is not harmful or inappropriate.

Good thing there are safe websites you and your child can safely browse, while learning and having fun. Here’s a list of the top websites safe for kids:

1. Time for Kids
Keep your little journalists well-informed while reading current events and news stories written just for kids. You can also make some topics here as dinner conversations.2. A Mighty Girl
This site is full of empowering and inspirational books, toys, and movies for all girls of all ages! This site is packed with girl power!3. BBC Kids
The website is a listing of TV shows, games, and everything for kids!

4. Brain POP
For educational and animated videos, games for your kids, this website is perfect for children in kindergarten through grade 12. You need to subscribe to access the entire site but there is also free content you can access.

5. Build with Chrome
Does your child love Legos?  This website is a virtual Lego set for your kid. Your child can build his own creations without cleaning up after.

6. Canadian Geographic Kids
Learn all things about Canada with this fun and interactive website. It has games, animal facts, and a virtual atlas of the country.

7. CBC Kids
Educational games and videos for your kids all in one website. Rest assured, this site is super safe for your kids.

8. Disney Junior
Sofia the First, Doc Mcstuffins, Lion Guard and Hake and the Neverland Pirates have interactive games here.

9. DOGO News
Let your kids catch up with current events written just for them. This site is also a great resource for homework, projects, and curious minds.10. Doodle.ly
This simple, virtual sketchpad is perfect for creative kids. You can publish these drawings on the site, while other kids also share them on Facebook or Twitter. There’s also an iPad app available!11. EcoKids
Green-themed games and articles? This site is a complement to the curriculum with Action sections to help your kids contribute to preserving the environment.

12. Funbrain
Kids will play while honing their math and reading skills. It has great games, books, and comics for grade school kids without distraction.

13. Funology
A great site to visit for kids and parents who want to have some fun and do creative activities together. Some kids can also browse crafts, recipes, science experiments, magic tricks, games, jokes, and trivia.

14. HowStuffWorks
This site is perfect for kids always hungry for knowledge. Any 12-year old boy would love the information found on this website!

15. KidsReads
A perfect place for bookworms, this site is full of kids articles, reviews, contests, and author spotlights. Every kid who loves to read can find this website interesting!

16. Knowledge Kids
A simple and fun website by the Knowledge Network,  Knowledge Kids has videos, games, and activities, perfect for preschool and kindergarten aged kids!

17. NASA Kids’ Club
Hone your junior astronaut’s skills early through this website. Feed their love of space with information and games.

18. National Geographic Kids
This site makes learning fun for kids of all ages. It contains amazing photography, games, articles, and videos like taking a trip around the world.

19. NFB Kids’ Movies
We all know how hard it is to find a good movie for your kids. This site has all safe movies for your kids to watch.

20. Pottermore
Harry Potter website? Look no further, this has so much information about Harry Potter for your kid who would like to go to Hogwarts.

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