10 Study Tips to Prepare You for Your Final Exams

The finals are approaching ever closer. The nerves, pressure and tension are rising with each passing day. This can be quite a stressful period of time but you can spend it judiciously. Here are 10 tips to create an exam study plan that can minimize your stress and ensure that you’re prepared for your exams:

10 Effective Study Tips

Create Your Own Study Guide

Teachers may provide a study guide for your class but creating your own study guide would be more helpful as it helps you understand the material better. Outline all the important information and make a prioritized list of weaknesses and notes.

Start Early

One of the worst things during the finals is stressing about everything a night before an exam. Start studying way ahead of the exam schedule instead of waiting to start a day before the exam.

Create and Stick to a Study Schedule

If you think you cant study only one subject in an entire day or finishing an entire chapter at once is difficult, split up the material into chunks that you can manage. Creating your study schedule and sticking to it is the key. Keep a track of everything you have finished as per your plan instead of constantly focusing on what needs to done and stressing out about it.

Organize Your Study Space

Make sure that your study space is comfortable for you, for example, comfortable chair, proper lighting, etc., and eliminate the distracting factors. See what works for you some people like complete silence when they are studying while others prefer light music in the background, some can only study well in a tidy space while others thrive in a cluttered environment.


Focus on spending more time on the subjects that you have difficulty in rather than constantly doing the subjects you find easy. Similarly, focus on exams that are worth more of your grade than others.

Use Visual Aids

Make it visual. Create a system where you can color code the material by their importance for the exams. This will help you focus on important topics and prioritize the material. You can even create flow charts and diagrams to make learning simpler and memorable. Condense the information into a brief visual structure that can help you recall what you have studied quickly in an exam.

Practice on Old Exam Papers

Practicing on old exam papers, which are also offered by some online tuitions, will help you get used to the format of the questions. You can also time yourself to practice spending the right amount of time on each section.

Make it Fun

You can focus better and easily if you can adapt to studying by quizzing yourself, rewarding yourself, creating acronyms, etc. Make a game out of studying where you can reward yourself to some free time or your favorite snack every time you finish a chunk of scheduled material.

Organize Study Groups

Study groups help in solving each others queries and motivating each other to study when you dont feel like it. Remember to stay focused on a topic for the agreed amount of time, use exam study guides, dont get distracted easily and challenge each other to perform better. However, be a part of the study group only if it works for you.

Stay Rested and Hydrated

Take regular breaks while studying and sleep well at nights as these help in retaining memory. Lastly, be well hydrated too as it is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision, and also on the exam day.

Finals seem more daunting if you are under-prepared. I hope that you will be better prepared and more confident of tackling your finals with these 10 study tips. Good luck!

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